Order of Servant Franciscans (OSF)

The OSF is a canonically independent Third Order (Secular) dispersed community.  We consider ourselves to be a "little portion" within the historic worldwide Franciscan Family. In the OSF, the traditional Franciscan vow of poverty is expressed through a sense of poverty towards self and compassionate action towards others; chastity is expressed through purity of devotion to Jesus - our heavenly spouse; and obedience is expressed by demonstrating Jesus' message of peace and justice within our homes, neighborhoods, and nation. All of these vows are expressed out of obedience to Christ's command and the Sacred Scriptures to "love, for love is of God." Each Sister or Brother is committed to deepening their relationship of love with the Lord Jesus, Holy Mary, and all the Saints through the charism of Sts. Francis & Clare. This charism of devotion is best manifest through service to others.


Won't you join us as we join Sts. Clare & Francis to adore God with a pure heart?



"Let us desire nothing else,

let us wish for nothing else,

let nothing else please us

and cause us delight,

except our Creator and Redeemer, and Savior..." 

(from the Rule of 1221, St. Francis)



"We adore You, Lord Jesus Christ, in all Your churches in the whole world..." - St. Francis

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can 
change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead