The Free Episcopal Church in the USA (TIFPECUSA)

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Relevent, Progressive, Apostolic & Affirming

Within our ecumenical and diverse jurisdiction, we strive to:

"...walk in newness of life...". - Romans 6:4

Please note: The International Free Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA, 1897 AD, uses their truncated name: The Free Episcopal Church USA for convenience of reference.

The historical "Free Protestant Episcopal Church" was originally founded by four ecumenically-minded Catholic-Christian Bishops in Europe in 1897 A.D. Over the years, it has been known to embrace several divergent faith traditions and sacramental expressions, all the while, holding dear the unity that we all share in Christ!  Theses bishops were consecrated with Apostolic Succession and authorized to begin their ecumenical ministry from within the combined heritage of Eastern Catholic and Anglican-Catholic churches. This church body has typically been a small, yet dynamic and ecumenical one.  Currently, The Free Episcopal Church USA, Inc. (TIFPECUSA) stands as one of the remaining branches of that same "Free Protestant Episcopal Church" that begun in 1897. We celebrate our ecumenical roots and welcome those from a variety of backgrounds to find their ministerial home with us!  To ad action to our theology, we have joined with the international Anglican Free Communion!

With over 110 years of global ministry and history behind this jurisdiction, our religious and missionary church organization is now known in the United States and in the Americas as: The Free Episcopal Church USA (TIFPECUSA). Within our particular jurisdictionm we have members from Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical, Methodist, Charismatic and Episcopalian backgrounds. 

The Order of Servant Franciscans (OSF), a canonical Third Order, and our diversity of Chaplain Ministries are noteworthy.

TFECUSA is an "independent" or "free" ecclesiastical association that has become the Southwest province of the Anglican Free Communion on 10 December 2012.

While we retain a great degree of respect for the historical church bodies within Christianity, our only "official" association with them is via our ecumenical membership in the International Council of Community Churches.  As members of the ICCC-USA, we value the "community church movement" and its role to reach out to the many dispersed faithful throughout our own highways and hedges (St. Luke 14:23).  May our Lord hasten the day that we are all more clearly united in Spirit and truth (Ephesians 4:4-6; St. John 10:16 & 17:23).  Of course, in Christ Jesus, we are all one body.


TIFPECUSA & OSF mailing address: 7942 W. Bell Rd., Suite C5-155, Glendale, AZ 85308, USA

+Ken, OSF


As a point of respectful clarity, The Free Episcopal Church USA (TIFPECUSA) is not in intercommunion with The Episcopal Church (TEC) or the worldwide Anglican Communion. We are the Southwest Province of the Anglican Free Communion. Neither our Church, nor our Communion is a splinter group - we are a seperate and historic jurisdictioin within the universal Christian church.


With the exception of quoted and other public sources, this site is the property of TIFPECUSA and its constituent entities and cannot be duplicated or disseminated, for a fee or otherwise, without the express written permission of the Presiding Bishop.